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Prelude to the Seminars

On May 24, the scribe of the CPDM Jean Nkuété in a meeting ahead of the regional seminars dished out guidelines on the approach; points followed to the later on the field.

Grouping heads of the permanent regional delegations, their charges de missions, the main speakers, co-panelists and the hierarchy of the Party at the main hall of the headquarters in Yaoundé, the SG minced no words in the manner in which the seminars were to be conducted. He insisted on the need for homogeneity in the presentations, the roles of each and everyone and the specificities of each region to be taken into account. He expected the seminars to be chaired by the head of the permanent regional delegation and for them express thanks to the members of the government for the sacrifices made by taking part in the working session despite their occupations. By Jean Nkuété it was imperative to expound on the importance of the regional information and training seminars. He said the purpose was to clarify the relations between the various Party structures at the grassroots level; roles of members within these structures, improve their overall performance; on local officials on the preparation of electoral deadlines and state the position of the CPDM concerning the running stories on national news.
He also said there was room for an accompanying document that deals with issues that are not directly covered by one of the four topics picked but it must be agreed upon. No doubt in the North West and South West regions the crisis in this part of Cameroon was discussed in detail.
For the success of these seminars, he prescribed simplicity and clarity in messages, no ambiguity, no confusion and base of arguments on the basic texts. He asked the speakers to hammer on non-tolerant policy on the creation or breakdown of the basic organs and the erasure by the heads of the regional delegations of the structures set up after the last renewal of the basic organs. Firmly, the speakers were to insist that permanent structures parallel to the permanent delegations and the appointment of members were outlawed but the permanent ones were not to meddle in the functioning of the basic organs
Jean Nkuété instructed the speakers to unequivocally call for discipline, particularly in public speaking among other issues. Reports say the instructions were followed and no subject was a taboo but all were discussed in the open with frankness.


Jude Viban

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