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Major National Dialogue : The beginning of a success story

In a bid to ensure that every voice be heard government matched words with action by giving the floor to ex combatants at the opening ceremony Yesterday.

This is to show that the instruction of the Head of State felt on fertile ground. He had instructed that every Cameroonian be given the opportunity to express their grievances. Like a tip of the iceberg, that could already be seen at the opening ceremony yesterday where ex combatants were given the chance to express themselves. The nation and the international community observed them say how they were entrapped. Like prodigal sons, they have come back in tears to the waiting warm embrace of the entire nation. Like the Head of State had said they can regain normal life. This is a true manifestation of the saying “to err is human and to forgive is divine”. The same spirit will continue in the different commissions and the prayer of every Cameroonian is that at the end of this Major National Dialogue the lessons be learned so that at the end all may say “never again” to the shame of harbingers of doom.

The Prime Minister Dion Ngute said earlier on that from the consultations he had with the over one hundred groups and and several individuals he received prior to this dialogue, the eight commissions into which this dialogue has been partitioned will tackle their preoccupations. Even those who cannot make it to Yaounde will be heard as government had earlier created a website for propositions to be sent to.
From the regions, the services of regional governors were opened to receive proposals. Cameroonians abroad were asked to forward their propositions to diplomatic representations the world over. The same obtained for Divisional and sub divisional services at home. All in a bid to ensure the inclusiveness of the Major National Dialogue convened by President Paul Biya hence the massive turnout that announces a success story.

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