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CPDM celebrates its 30th anniversary

Theme: «CPDM, 30 years at the service of Cameroon, and still promoting peace, unity, democracy and progress»



  • CPDM, WCPDM and YCPDM Section Presidents;
  • All CPDM, WCPDM and YCPDM militants;
  • All CPDM friends and sympathizers;

Dear Comrades

The thirtieth anniversary of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement which we will commemorate on 24 March 2015 is a milestone in the Party’s young history which is closely linked to Cameroon’s recent modern history. An overall assessment of this period can be made in light of the progress achieved in various areas in our country. It highlights the CPDM’s decisive contribution to promoting freedoms, democracy and social justice, modernizing institutions, improving conditions of access to education, health, drinking water, electricity and development, expanding communication infrastructure, empowering the people in the management of public affairs, etc.

Therefore, the Party has every reason to be satisfied for having, over these years, constantly and relentlessly supported the Government to implement the public policies defined by the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, in the interest of the people. The CPDM is thus a major player in the political life of the nation through the majority it has legally, democratically and transparently won in the Government, the Parliament and council executives thanks to the constantly renewed trust of the vast majority of the Cameroonian people which it is able to rally on account of the relevance of its options and its intensive population training activities with respect to citizenship and civic and political responsibility.

During this anniversary commemoration, we are expected to firmly renew our commitment and loyalty to the Party in order to help it to continue, with more resolve, more determination and more success, the lofty actions it has been undertaking over the past thirty years to transform Cameroon into a great country, a modern country, a country of freedom, democracy, stability, peace, unity, progress, in short, an exemplary republic.

To that end, the theme chosen for this year’s commemoration, namely « CPDM, 30 years at the service of Cameroon, and still promoting peace, unity, democracy and progress» is a collective call for a forward-looking Party through in-depth reflections on  conditions for optimal enriching, consolidation and ownership of the ideals and values that have so far contributed to its victories and influence, while paying special tribute to the National President, His Excellency Paul Biya, whose exceptional vision remains a key asset for the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement.

In other circumstances, considering the ground covered and the results obtained, we would have probably and rightly commemorated the Party’s thirtieth anniversary in style. However, the sad national context marked by our country’s ongoing war on terrorism calls for a dignified and sober celebration in support for our defense and security forces and in solidarity with the war victims.

In accordance with the official programme adopted, the thirtieth anniversary of the Party will be celebrated from 22 to 24 March 2015 in each CPDM section. Pending the appointment of officials, the newly created sections will celebrate the anniversary in the old sections. Presidents of CPDM Section executives will be responsible for organizing the event, with the support, collaboration and assistance of the population, the elite and party officials who are expected to participate actively and massively in celebrations at local the level in order to give the required intensity to the prescribed events.

I wish that the thirtieth anniversary would be for us, individually and collectively, another opportunity to reaffirm and vehemently express our oath of allegiance to the Party as it continues to accomplish its lofty historic missions.

I count on your high sense of responsibility for a successful event.

Accept, dear comrade militants, the renewed assurances of my warmest regards.

Happy anniversary to you all!


Secretary-General of the Central Committee

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