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May 20 Celebration

CPDM Prepares

The unrivaled participation of the CPDM during commemorations marking the country’s national unity day is as a result of the work done in the inner kitchens of the party.

This year’s edition of May the 20th will be celebrated like others by militants of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement. For it to be a success, persons and secretariats concerned with getting things set for the event are already at work, receiving instructions and relaying them to the right quarters for further execution. At the General secretariat of the Central Committee of the CPDM, there have been meetings in this light with others still being scheduled to hold. As usually is the case, an order for the party’s fabric has been placed and though it is not yet available, the bails of fabric will be delivered in time to be used by militants during the march past. According to the chief of service in charge of equipment, Mr. Okala, the fabric is usually shared out to section presidents and also workers at the party’s seat.

Meanwhile, there is a meeting scheduled to take place on the 2nd of May 2016 that will be presided by the Secretary General Jean Nkuété. To take part in the meeting will be section and sub-section presidents of Mfoundi and the main issue on the table will be strategizing for a beautiful and successful feast come May 20. To be discussed at the meeting will be the mobilization of militants, men, women and youths who will march. The CPDM has always stood out as far as mobilization is concerned and this meeting will help the stakeholders put one and two together, for there to be a sea of militants at the May 20th Boulevard on the D-day. The brown, blue and purple colours of the CPDM fabric will have to be sewn in concise patterns as chosen by those who will partake in next Monday’s meeting. According to our source, every detail of the march past is taken care of, from the women’s head tie to the colour of their shoes and men’s shirts will be discussed.

Apart from looking dapper, the militants will file pass their national president, Paul Biya and the honorary president of the WCPDM, Chantal Biya. This warrants a march past practice for militants usually organized weeks before the event at the premise of the Yaounde Conference centre. They will also practice patriotic songs to be sung on that day and these will be chosen during the upcoming meeting.  In all the CPDM will not cede its place at the top to any political party and that is why all is being taken care of in the inner kitchens of the party to ensure a great success.

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