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 International conference on investment in Yaoundé

By its strategic geographical location and its substantial natural and human resources, Cameroon is a good risk for investors. Cameroon’s pride of being a “land of attractiveness” for investors is justified. Its rich subsoil, natural endowments, political stability, sustained economic growth and reforms taken to improve the business climate are assets to attract any potential investor. First and foremost, Cameroon’s agricultural sector is one which if harnessed will save lives, create jobs, grow the economy and stabilize the sub-region.
The diversity of Cameroon’s climate and its rich soil are suitable for agriculture. The country’s quest for mechanized farming as well as the processing of farm produce after harvest opens the flood gates for investors to step in. The difficulty for youths to heed to President Paul Biya’s call to indulge in agriculture might just be salvaged by business persons who visualize the long term benefits of such a business venture. The agriculture and rural development sector occupies over 60% of the active population, accounts for over 20% of the GDP. High availability of agricultural land, great agro-ecological diversity, dynamic population and quality human resources and a booming national and sub-regional market should interest any investor.
The country’s natural wealth, oil, gold, diamond and timber to name but these remain largely untapped. Also, Cameroon’s mining potential cannot be questioned given that close to 55 mineral resources are identified. Cameroon has a mining code whose provisions allow investors to carry research and mining with a guarantee of the stability and security of his investments.
Transportation facilities in the country are in want for a revamp. In the past three years, many countries have been coming in to sign partnerships in improving the sector. Given that there cannot be any valuable development without a suitable road network extension, it’s thus an important window through which investors can peek in.
There are equally opportunities in the small and medium sized enterprises sector considering that SMEs are pillars of Cameroon’s development. With key actions taken by government to improve the business climate in the country and with faster business support mechanisms put in place, the financier is rest assured that his investments will not go to waste.
Cameroon is not only a safe haven for investors, but a fertile ground for them to write their names in the country’s history book as far as accompanying the country to emmergence is concerned.

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