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Section Shoots Two Birds with One Stone 

Militants of the CPDM used their first-ever joint conference since the election of new section excutives to celebrate the 44th edition of the National Day in pump. 

It held in Houston, Texas from May 19-22, 2016, a town before-now hostile to the ruling party and headquarters of the South Central Subsection created in November 2016. Led by their new dynamic, transparent and humble Section President Yaa Patience Tamfuh, the militants from across Uncle Sam’s country came together to celebrate unity and brainstorm on how to give-back to motherland. Reports say it was the biggest number to attend a CPDM event. The modus operandi of the new section president is credited for the fresh interest and influx into the party. A promise gradually kept! The new team in their campaign promised to grow militancy of the party and create structures that will facilitate the section’s activities.
Besides unity, the militants accompanied by a delegation from Canada were celebrating the unofficial introduction of the party in America. “We are finally here in Houston; the city where our militancy began in the United States, under the leadership of our distinguished senior comrade, Jude Eze Okafor, founder of CPDM-USA,” the section president told supporters of the party who gave her a standing ovation when she walked into the conference room.
Held under the theme, “CPDM USA: facilitator of healthcare and development in Cameroon,” the newly elected team gave an account of their stewardship so far, largely saluted as positive. The new Bureau has pertinent work-in-progress projects – enable Cameroonians obtain dual citizenship, a Permanent Diaspora seat in the National Assembly and Senate and Consular offices in Houston and Atlanta. This is in order to attend to the growing need of Cameroonians and corporations that want to do business in Cameroon in these areas. In this light, the section created committees to work on these projects. Patience Tamfu encouraged militants with specific expertise to join any of the committees and “express their opinion from within.” Political affairs, health, economy and investment, education, science and technology, youth and culture are among nine of the existing committees. And, during the conference their chairs presented elaborate reports on their respective projects.
Militants in the Diaspora believe the Paul Biya-led government will listen to them and are thankful to government for previous decisions to their favour. “With this act (extending voting rights to Cameroonians living abroad), they can now participate and effect a change by voting for candidates of their choice whom they believe can bring desired changes that will enhance the livelihood of Cameroonians,” the section president said.
In the four day enriching conference, there were workshops, panel discussions on volunteer opportunities, business and funding opportunities and militants also made general enquiries and shared ideas. It was a lively celebration on the evening of the national day. Makossa star Prince Eyango and veteran musician Salle John were flown in to animate the fundraising gala on May 20. Money was raised to start a “save our souls” call service in the health domain in Douala. Football and barbecue were also on the menu. Also, Mr Eyango, a militant of the section for seven years was unanimously voted as the adviser to CPDM-USA.
The USA section is the largest, and counts four sub sections; Mid Atlantic, Eastern, South Eastern and South Central and 26 branches.

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