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Funeral of Prof Peter Agbor Tabi

CC Member Gets Official Burial

It was declared by the Head of State Paul Biya and made public in a communiqué from the civil cabinet of the Presidency on May 29, 2016.

On Saturday June 4, Peter Abgor Tabi, substantive member of the CPDM central committee and a committed servant of the state, will receive an official burial as from 7 am at the Mamfe town grandstand. His former boss, Minister Secretary General at Presidency Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh will represent the President at the funeral. Chief Agbor Tabi will be lowered down to mother earth by 1 pm in strict family intimacy and traditional rites performed by the “Ekpe” secret society in Ndekwei his native village in Eyoumojock sub division of the Mamfe division, South West Region.
Before the burial on Saturday, the former rector of the mother University of Yaoundé will tomorrow Thursday June 2, receive academic honors in respect of varsity tradition. Removed from the Yaoundé central hospital mortuary by 11 am, colleagues of the professor in international relations will pay their final respect to the deputy scribe at the presidency of the Republic. Thereafter, according to the programme of his funeral, Peter Agbor Tabi will visit his residence at the Biteng neighborhood in Yaoundé for the last time. Here, wake-keeping begins at 6pm and will end by mid-night, and his corpse will be ferried same night to his residence in Ndekwei for another all-night-long vigil.
Former minister of higher education, rector of the then lone Yaoundé University, director general of the school of international relations (IRIC), vibrant member of the CPDM central committee , Peter Agbor Tabi is referred to as the father of university reforms in Cameroon like the tough decision to introduce fees. An elite of the Manyu people, and firm believer in education, he fought hard to see into the education of his native Bayangis.
Particularly in the CPDM he was a militant, past and present secretary general relied on. His support to the National President of the CPDM Paul Biya was never for once doubted even during the 1990s when a chunk of intellectuals, elite and business moguls of English speaking origin, abandoned the CPDM to field opposition ranks. Dr Dion Ngute, deputy secretary in charge of economic affairs, substantive central committee member, head of the Ndian permanent divisional delegation, and also minister delegate in charge of the common wealth in the ministry of external relations will lead the eight strong person central committee delegation of the CPDM to represent the secretary general.
Peter Agbor Tabi died in Paris France on April 26, after a period of illness. His corpse arrived Cameroon on May 30, 2016.

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