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Campaigns for Biya’s Reelection

What Women can Do

Where there is a woman there is a way. Women of the CPDM are aware of their strength as far as mobilizing their folk is concerned and are bent on making ample use of this. In a style unique to women, members of the National Bureau of WCPDM, a vibrant and dynamic wing under the leadership of Yaou Aïssatou, National President are intent on using every arsenal at their disposal to ensure that Paul Biya obtains victory during the presidential elections. The strategy is to coin their campaign messages in a manner as to attract voters like bees to honey. There is no gainsaying the potential of a woman and the Party has on several counts acknowledged that women constitute a vital segment when it comes to mobilization. This explains why Jean Nkuété , Secretary general of the Central Committee saluted the women folk for taking such an initiative to contribute in the success of the Party’s candidate. For certain, the road map before the official launching of campaigns is to fine tune strategies and mobilize women, whether or not CPDM militants to cast their votes in favour of Paul Biya.

In the gospel according to the women, Paul Biya is what Cameroon needs for the lofty projects already in the pipe to be completed and for the country to list itself amongst the emerging ones by 2035. The women are particularly meeting at a time when their peers in the Anglophone regions are in perpetual fear of attacks from secessionist fighters, with some burying their children lost to stray bullets and others dying in the violence. No longer comfortable with the situation, the women are certain that Paul Biya is the right man to silence the weapons and bring back peace in the troubled zones. According to statistics from the field, the Party counts a huge number of women who have enrolled on voter’s lists and the SG’s plea is for the women leaders to ensure that their peers withdraw their voter’s cards and let their numbers reflect in ballot boxes on October 7 2018.

Meanwhile, the assembly of women plans to organize regional seminars to train and inform WCPDM section executives on digital and communication strategies of the National Bureau in view of canvassing more votes for their candidate. The resolve taken is to be more available and open for collaboration and to ferry across to the basic organs the lone message of mustering strong to ensure a victorious outcome for Paul Biya.


Claudette Chin

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