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Precampaign Preparations

Permanent Regional Delegations Commissioned

Resolutions arrived at during last week’s meeting which brought together heads of Permanent Regional  Delegations chaired by Jean Nkuété are already being implemented.

More than ever before, militants are gearing up for the presidential elections. This follows instructions handed out to heads of Permanent Regional delegations to set things right before the start of campaigns. They were convened to a meeting last week during which they took stock of the situation in each region, evaluated the level of preparedness before being commissioned to keep up the work and ensure that all militants are sufficiently galvanized before the start of campaigns.

The most important way to get set is have one’s voter’s card withdrawn. After the establishment of this vital document, the word is now for militants to be in possession of these cards in order to be able to vote for their candidate on the d-day. While some delegations have documented statistics of their militants and can weigh their options for the upcoming stakes, others especially those in the troubled regions have the arduous task of combing the terrain in the midst of chaos. Nonetheless, heads of delegations have taken the stand to turn the tides to favor the Party thereby ensuring a resounding victory for the Party’s candidate.

Meanwhile, in the regions, militants during diverse meetings have made clear which side they are on by declaring their support for their candidate Paul Biya. In Mbouda in the West region, Nganou Njoumessi last week was in communion with the militants of the Bamboutos and seized the moment to encouraged militants to make haste and withdraw their voter’s cards while waiting for election day. Over in the South region, Zoetele precisely, the militants rejoiced on the appointment of theirs and said they would repay Paul Biya by voting massively for him come October 2018. In the Centre region militants and sympathizers of Upper Sanaga South Section said they are ready and waiting to express their commitment through massive votes.


Claudette Chin

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