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Renewal of basic Organs

SG’s note Dissects Circular

He opens the note with a litany of well-explained objectives of the exercise and then maps out the role of the electoral bodies point by point from the central supervision committee under his care down to the local renewal committee at the sub-section. More than the two paragraphs on the bodies by the National President’s circular, he goes a little further.
On voter eligibility, according to the note, those who are serving a disciplinary sanction, notably “those pronounced by the ad hoc disciplinary committee of the central committee in charge of cases of indiscipline related to the municipal and legislative elections of September 30,2013,” (L’Action’s translation) are barred from voting.
Also, to be voted for, the candidate must live in the territory of the basic organ, or visit regularly. It ends the polemic on the issue of residence fanned by the press, on the morrow of the announced reorganisation. Other than this criterion, the SG lines up others with that on discipline seriously elaborated.
The note adds more groups of persons exempted from the conditions bracketing candidates for the post of section president. Full Senators and MPs are exempted from those conditions, not their alternates. Likewise, militants in the newly created sections on foreign soil are exempted. Here, it means to be section president of CPDM, WCPDM or YCPDM, the candidate must not have held a post within the section, been a president, vice-president, secretary or treasurer at the sub-section as should be the case in newly created sections within the county.
Cameroonians who are diplomats or persons considered as such are barred from postulating. Further, militants who are victims of a disciplinary sanction, “whatever the nature” within the expiry mandate (2007 to 2015) are kept out.
The note gives modalities on the dossier of the candidate, the lists of candidates, the electoral campaign and the operational phase of the reorganization process. Jean Nkuété specifies the themes under which the campaigns will run for the one-round-vote and prohibits unorthodox practices such as show of money and influence peddling. He also bans the use of campaign gadgets and posters.
Other than the subscription, contribution and the national identity cards used to identify, a candidate without an ID must be identified by two members who are up-to-date with their contributions. The note also outlines litigation steps.

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