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Renewal Process

Respecting Deadlines

In less than a month, the reorganization of basic organs of the CPDM will be over and done with. Going by the calendar of the renewal exercise, by December 10, 2015, the new executives at home and abroad ought to be known. More than half way gone into the exercise, echoes from the field indicate that in the branches, subsections and sections, the militants and members of the supervisory committees in charge are struggling to finish up in due time. While some executives abroad are already known, back at home, elections are being organized simultaneously as the exercise unfolds.

In a communiqué signed by the Secretary for Communication Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, the Secretary General of the Central committee and president of the central supervisory committee Jean Nkuété beckons on the renewal committees to round off their work and conduct elections on the field having in mind November 25 as the last day. This he says will enable the central supervisory committee to hand in its report to the National President within the prescribed deadline.

As at now the committees on the field, from regional to sub divisional have been ensuring the smoothness of the renewal exercise as per the directives of the SG. They have been verifying and validating political directories which show all the basic organs – cells, branches, sub-sections, that is all party organs and their territorial boundaries. The directories will further help in establishing voter rolls days before the election proper. While militants are hoping for dynamic persons to be elected into the various posts of responsibility, the committees ought to ensure that the lists of candidates reflect requirements of efficiency, national integration, representativeness and socio-political balance to name but these.

While militants have been asked to set aside personal interests and work for the common goal of the party, the aim of the reorganization exercise which is to endow the party with men women and youths of conviction who are selflessly committed to its service in the interest of the nation has to be upheld. As the clock ticks away, the committees in charge equally have to show proof of neutrality and objectivity in their dealings for the end result to be satisfactory to all.


Claudette Chin

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