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Registration of Militants

CPDM Makes Hay …

On the eve of an electoral year, militants of the CPDM are being encouraged to register massively and endeavour to collect their cards in readiness for the elections.

Elections are not won over night. This has been understood by the ruling party and it explains why it is constantly at work, preparing its militants in every way possible to consolidate its position. During meetings that bring militants together be they section conferences or anniversaries celebrated by the party, it is always an occasion for the grass root executives as well as other party elite to school militants on their role in making the party assert its position. As at now, the militants have been encouraged to get registered on voters’ lists because the party’s victory will not depend on the number of militants it has but the number of registered voters in possession of their cards.
During a meeting to prepare for the celebration of the party’s anniversary last March 24, section presidents in the North West were beckoned by the Head of the regional permanent delegation of the Central committee of the CPDM, PM Philemon Yang. While presenting reports on the functioning of their various sections, the executives brought to the attention of the party elite the various setbacks encountered on the field as far as registering militants is concerned. While some complained of the prevailing crisis and ghost towns which grounded activities, others mentioned the absence of identification units in their areas. Some equally complained about the new and lengthy procedures for the acquisition of national identity cards which was a hindrance to registering voters who have come of age. It is worth recalling that some elite have very often opted to foot bills for the militants to acquire ID cards and thereby facilitate their registration on voters’ rolls. Given the difficulties faced, militants are still encouraged to make the effort while waiting for solutions to the pending problems to be found.
According to Chief Tabetando Ndiepso, leader of the CPDM parliamentary group and member of the Central committee regional delegation for the South West, “as often as possible, people are reminded to ensure that they have their names inscribed in the registers because it is the only way you can demonstrate your attachment and convictions on the continuity of the party. As a political party, we are constantly involved in activities to maintain our position and voter registration is one of them”.
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