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2018 elections

Militants of diaspora Mobilize

The July 15 2017 seminar chaired by Jean Nkuété in Paris will also used to mobilise CPDM militants abroad to gear up for the 2018 elections.


The training seminars which the party’s academy has been organising have been serving as platforms for discussions between hierarchy and the executives. Here in Yaounde as well as in other regions, the party has been valorising each and every militant by putting them in the know of what is expected of them and especially as elections approach. The travails undergone by militants each passing day is to prepare the ground for victories and militants in the diaspora since gaining the opportunity to take part in elections back home have been working to bring new followers into the fold in a bid to record the desired results.
It is no doubt that the ultimate goal of the CPDM is consolidating power. This is not a day’s job as Elvis Mbwoge, UK North East Subsection president acknowledges. “We hold meetings on a regular basis and as proud militants we are mobilising and making sure that our militants prepare for the next presidential elections. Upholding the ideas that our party preaches is quite challenging especially on foreign soil but we are determined to succeed in our endeavours”. For this to be reality, hurdles such as access to information on party guidelines has to be easy. There have been complaints of the sometimes missing link between militants abroad and the hierarchy back home. Despite being out of the country, militants of the CPDM are not hesitant to uphold their stance and show commitment by partaking in activities and conferences that help them portray not only the party but equally the country.
The non-flow of information both ways has been a stifling factor which the executives are working towards fixing for there to be a hitch free participation come 2018. Like in every society, there are those who doubt and have divergent views from others but the executives intend to set things right in due time and have more followers. Elvis Mbwoge explains that things might not obtain abroad like back home as “in London, we have so many international observers who always want to know the insides of our party and so we are targets but that notwithstanding, we are very proud ambassadors, great representatives of our party”.
So far, militants in the diaspora are aware that the coming elections might be a huge challenge given the socio-political climate back home fuelled by Cameroonians abroad. It is thus of great importance to multiply their mobilisation strategies which have yielded good fruits in the past in order for the party to keep its light shining.


Claudette Chin

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