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March Session at the Senate : Like None Other

March 2018 session of the Senate billed for March 2, 2018 will be holding in the particular context as the election of new members is in view.

Besides what has ordinarily been taking place the March 2018 session will take place in a peculiar atmosphere given that the members of the constitutional council that were recently appointed by the Head of State will be taking the oath of office on March 6. According to the law, the Parliament would hold as a congress for the first time.

The President of the Congress who doubles as the Speaker of the National Assembly, Honorable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril will preside. Over and above all, the most preoccupying thing is that campaigns are slated to kick off from March 10 and the CPDM will have to be on the field to carry out campaigns for the Senators who will represent the party for the next five years. It is not an easy task, but the party is always on the watch out thereby it ensures that its candidates on the field are up till date. The CPDM like any other political party participating in this election is obliged to present a list of seven candidates chosen amongst its militants, having the main candidate and an alternate for each poll.
The constitutional council has fifteen days maximum to proclaim the results of the elections. The candidate with the highest vote per poll is declared the winner. Each aspiring senator must be of age forty 40 on or before the election date.
These are some of the points amongst the 12 criteria that the Secretary General Jean Nkuété had already outlined in the meeting that he held at the party head quarters with the heads of regional delegations and their Chargés de mission on February 11, 2018.
The bureau will be elected as usual, with the oldest member presiding the opening plenary session. Though some of the incumbent senators could be on the field for campaigns, the session will go on normally with the examination and probable adoption of projects. Questions to members of government and the different commissions would carry on normally.


 Irene Aweneg/ Line Tanke

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