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National dialogue: Proposals trickle-in as countdown narrows

Various political parties, associations and regional heads have tabled suggestions as contributions towards the upcoming dialogue for a return of peace in the troubled regions.

The readiness to see Cameroon take a leap forward after the socio-political crisis rocking the Anglophone regions explains the enthusiasm of various delegations showing up at the Prime Minister’s office. The call for all Cameroonians to come on-board this national conciliation train is being answered at home and abroad as people of all walks are voicing their concerns and suggesting possible ways forward. Now more than ever, Cameroonians have been invited to show concern for country by bringing up ideas, overcome differences, find common ground, build meaning and purpose, and set directions together.
All through last week and these past days, delegations of people, elite of various localities and persons of all corps have been meeting with Prime Minister Dion Ngute to present written proposals which in the days ahead should constitute discussions at the highly awaited national dialogue. While such topics as federalism and full implementation of decentralisation amongst others have been brushed, there is no doubt that new perspectives, insights are being gained, new levels of creativity stimulated, and bonds of community strengthened. Despite some feet dragging observed on the part of separatists fuelling the crisis from abroad, the general reaction back home is more encouraging as many amongst whom is Christain Cardinal Tume hold that “we must be open to one another…we should also come into this dialogue with intellectual honesty and should be convinced that what we are saying should be for the good of the nation”.
As the countdown narrows, the Yaounde Conference centre, venue for the dialogue has been refurbished and halls set to welcome Cameroonians from all regions. While consultations continue at the Star building, motions of support are still being signed and forwarded to President Paul Biya by various communities and political outfits for taking such a move intended to steer Cameroon towards ever-brighter shores.


Claudette Chin

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