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South West : 31 councils benefit from presidential largess

The six Senior Divisional Officers of the region each received consignments from the Governor in Buea recently which will reach the population through the mayors.

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai of the South West region did not hesitate to direct the truck loads consignments to their destinations. The various Senior Divisional Officers of the region were summoned to collect the package for their different divisions. The Senior Divisional Officers will intend hand them to the various mayors who are charged with the distribution to the local communities. In all, thirty one councils in the region will benefit from the presidential largess to fight Covid 19. The various items received comprised handwashing kits, facemasks, buckets, soaps among others. Materials worth over FCFA 200 million is South West’s share of the President’s gifts. When added to what the councils have been doing, it will go a long way to salvage the communities and keep them safe from covid-19 pandemic.
Mayors have praised the gesture of the Head of State, given that most councils are facing financial difficulties which makes it difficult for them to purchase such materials. Mayors have equally welcomed the move of the government that places them at the forefront in the fight against the coronavirus in their communities. The donation add to what most councils have been doing since the outbreak of the coronavirus. This extra donation from the Head of State will go a long way to satisfy those parts of the communities that the council was unable to reach. 
In Lebialem Division, the mayors of Alou, Fontem and Wabane councils have been doing a wonderful job to fight against the Coronavirus. The population back home have on different occasions received varieties of sanitary materials from the different councils. Through the efforts of the mayors, no case of the deadly virus has been detected in Lebialem Division.
Apart from Fako and Meme Divisions that have recorded some positive cases, the other four Divisions are Coronavirus free. The mayors have intensified sensitization campaigns with hygiene and sanitation, social distancing and wearing of facemasks totally adapted by the local communities. It is the wish of many that the preventive measures of the government and the World Health organization will save the population from the adverse effects of the dreaded Coronavirus.

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