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Ahead of Sunday Regional Polls : Jean Nkuété Storms NW Today

The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM Party will chair a “mega meeting” this Wednesday, December 2, 2020, in Bamenda at Ayaba Hotel.

The scribe of the Party, who is the Head of the National Supervision Committee, is visiting the Northwest Region four days to Election Day. He is expected to give final wishes, assess the campaigns and fix problems that could cut [down] the participation rate. The CPDM is running solo in the Northwest Region. But, the Party wants a crushing participation rate. The security situation in the region could drive fear into some candidates and forced them to stay away from the Sunday Polls.
Sources are saying that Jean Nkuété will exchange notes with the CPDM Northwest regional family on how to beat [out] the security scare in some parts of the Region – when he holds a working session with local party officials, militants, sympathizers, councillors, and CPDM candidates for the December 6th Regional Elections.
Prior to the Secretary General’s field trip, the various campaign bodies from the region to the subdivision level have been strategizing towards a massive participation of voters – municipal councillors. Each division has held more than one meetings under the aegis of the Heads of Permanent Divisional Delegations of the Central Committee. Section Presidents that head the Communal Campaign Teams have held strategy-meetings. Wherein tasks are shared and deadlines drawn up.
At some of the meetings, fund drives were launched to finance campaigns and other elections-related-cost. Most meetings have taken place in Bamenda because of the unstable security situation in some parts of the Region. Many councillors live out of the region or stay in Bamenda, where it is relatively safe. This has made Bamenda the ideal meeting point.
But, some campaign meetings have taken place out of Bamenda. There was a “Menchum Divisional Meeting to explain Decentralisation and Special Status as well as practical modalities for the regional elections,” Nji Fidelis, Head of the Permanent Divisional Delegation said on Friday November 27, 2020. Over 300 persons attended the meeting at the Wum Council Hall; among them mayors, councillors, traditional rulers, campaign team members, the administration, elite and militants. On Sunday, councillors will vote at seven divisional headquarters of the Northwest Region.


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